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Arcylic Checkered Hair Claw Clips



Durable Material Checkered Hair Claw Clips:These hair clips are made of high-quality acrylic material, which is not only durable but also beautiful and stylish. The design of the checker pattern is unique and innovative.

Strong grip on hair, comfortable to wear and can be used for a long time. When using, be careful not to discard it casually, as the clip is made of plastic and forcefully throwing it away may cause the clip to break and crack.

Convenient to carry and beautiful colors: Our small checkered hair clip is not only small in size but also easy to use and carry. It is also brightly colored, beautiful and elegant, and wearing it gives you a unique charm.

Four different colors: red, pink, green, and orange checkered patterns. Not only are the colors gorgeous, but they can also be paired with your clothing to choose from, without worrying about color mismatches.

Material: Durable Plastic Size: 2.1*2.0*1.5″  Weight: Around 17g

Made in China

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H&M, Zara


Morandi Colors


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